Drydock Support Services

Our drydock support services skillfully blend industry leading drydock experience with digital innovation, to remove the risks of cost and schedule overruns.

CDocks Drydock Services

Drydock costs are among the highest budget elements of operating a vessel. As a vessel ages, these costs inevitably increase. After 20 years in service, it is not uncommon for the cost of drydock to equal around 50% of the vessel’s OPEX. Whilst drydock services are both necessary and inherently costly, a vast number of drydocks go over budget in time and costs.

These overrunss are often unnecessary and can be mitigated by proper planning and management. The CDocks team is comprised of some of the industry’s most experienced personnel. Their objective is to consistently protect the interests of owners at drydock and provide a helping hand for superintendents by bringing forecasted figures at in line with actual spend. The ultimate objective is a comprehensive and timely completion of drydock repairs.

The CDocks team possesses the industry's leading experience - with over 300 drydockings complete to date.


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Limiting Unnecessary Drydock Expenditure

Our team manage the drydock process every day for vessels across the globe. As such, we are continuously reviewing our approach and updating our database to ensure best practice. We also remain consistently in touch with our industry network to ensure accurate and up to date local knowledge is considered. 

Our team’s familiarity with the process and its common pitfalls enables us to forecast and ultimately mitigate common errors at drydock. The result is a service which provides beneficial, specialised assistance to crews and reduces unnecessary expense to the owner. 

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CDocks Drydock Support Services

The drydock team monitors the upcoming projects contracted under our services, keeping a constant view on shipyard availability.
Pre-Drydocking Inspection
Our experienced Project Managers conduct on-board inspections, assessing the vessel's condition, outstanding defects and required repairs.
Specification Development
Based on our extensive jobs database, the inspection report and the close cooperation of the superintendent, the drydock team compiles a comprehensive specification
Tender Analysis
Our team carefully reviews the shipyards' quotations ensuring a fair and accurate cost comparison, while anticipating contingencies and analysing "hidden" costs.
Onsite Supervision
Our Project Management team can provide on-site supervision and/or support to the superintendent during the drydocking
Invoice Review
We can provide support during the acceptance of works completed, ensuring no extra costs are charged.

Yalcin Dalgic

Drydock Support Specialist