Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Unrivalled expertise and experience since 2009

Providing specialist services for exhaust gas cleaning systems, from retrofit design through to upgrades & cracking / repair inspection & rectification.

Leading the Way on Retrofit Engineering Design Studies

Cleanship has invested significantly in developing an efficient retrofit engineering design workflow.

Our unique combination of intelligent 3D design software, enables us to very quickly, and accurately, design directly within the 3D laser scan data obtained from the vessel – ensuring we are designing into an as-built condition, to millimetre accuracy.

Our intelligent software enables automatic output of 2D drawing packages – ensuring the highest level of quality control.


Cleanship has experience of over 250 retrofit projects across all manner of vessel types - from coastal bulkers to VLCC's and everything in between.

In-house EGCS Upgrade Specialists

Our team comprises specialists from some of the industry leading shipping companies who have led the way on EGCS installation and operation over the past 10 years. As such, we can offer industry leading specialist knowledge and experience on a variety of EGCS upgrades, including:

  • De-plume
  • De-watering
  • Overboard replacement
  • Open loop upgrades to closed loop / hybrid

We can not only provide impartial advice on such upgrades, but our in-house team can handle all aspects of the engineering, installation and operation of same – optionally as a full turnkey service.


Our experience in assisting shipowners and operators engineer, install, operate and upgrade their EGCS is unrivalled.

We Understand Common Exhaust Gas Cleaning Retrofit Challenges

With over 10 years of experience in helping shipowners install and upgrade exhaust gas cleaning systems, our team have been integral to the identification and resolution of many of the main  retrofit challenges.

During Cleanship Turnkey EGCS projects, we engage with class societies from engineering to commissioning to mitigate any issues with approval. From the beginning of the project, we agree a Quality Control Plan outlining project scale and delivery schedule, detailing intermediate class observed milestone checks, system test and quality checks. As per this Quality Control Plan, we work with class to make time for all equipment and corresponding certificates to be checked before any fabrication takes place. This additional stage helps safeguard the projects from future non compliance issues related to engineering design or equipment grade and quality, giving the seal of approval to progress with fabrication and installation. In addition, during turnkey projects we issue clients with a Final Quality Data Book for further assurance of quality standards throughout the project.

The next step in any design process is prefabrication. Yet many designs do not take the prefabrication stage into consideration, often leading to overdesign or even designs which are impractical in reality. The Cleanship team designs with prefabrication in mind, with our design engineers frequently working onsite alongside prefabrication teams to aid in their continuous development of best practice. 

Frequently, there are multiple suppliers involved in a single retrofit, with the shipowner’s PM responsible for the dispersing of information across all suppliers. However, inevitably changes occur throughout the duration of the project. Ensuring that each party has the most up to date information can be a mammoth task which is hugely time consuming. Often vital pieces of information can be buried under threads of emails, leading to delays or additional costs as the project commences. To mitigate this, Cleanship offers a turnkey retrofit service where our experience project managers can streamline the flow of communication through a single network ensuring that progress is made smoothly. Shipowners then have a single, stable point of contact throughout. 

Ballast water retrofits are still relatively new projects for many yards. As with anything new, there are invariably initial problems as learning takes place. Our supervision teams are familiar with not only the retrofit process but all of the industry leading EGCS on the market. Having cultivated effective working relationships with leading manufacturers, we are continuously kept up to date on any system tweaks and can help mitigate this causing problems further down the line. Our team can remain on site to assist with queries, drawing revisions or approval by class. 

By designing in 3D first, Cleanship ensures the highest level of quality control, and impressive efficiency in production of 2D drawing packages for Class Approval and Installation.

Turnkey Projects - Taking Care of Compliance

Cleanship offers a groundbreaking turnkey retrofit service – combining our retrofit engineering capabilities with our global turnkey fabrication and installation network.

Cleanship manage all aspects of the retrofit project, delivering a fully installed, commissioned and class approved retrofit project to our clients around the world.

Our flexible network of global fabrication and installation partners allows us to offer highly flexible turnkey solutions to suit any particular vessel location – without the expensive overhead of in-house labour. 

As a multi-disciplinary partner, we support owners throughout the lifecycle of the EGCS. We use our knowledge of each project stage to inform the next.

24/7 Emergency scrubber support & repair services worldwide

Thanks to our in-house team of scrubber specialists, we can offer a unique scrubber doctor service to shipowners and operators worldwide.

Our multi-disciplinary team can help identify the root cause of scrubber failures, engineer a robust repair, and attend to carry out the physical repairs too.

With Cleanship Scrubber Doctor, we fix the root cause, not just the symptoms.

With the number of scrubber failures increasing every day, many of which are serious material failures, our Scrubber Doctor service provides much need peace of mind for owners and operators.

Cleanship EGCS Service Range

Vessel Survey & 3D Laser Scan
An experience Cleanship surveyor will meet your vessel at a location and time which best fits with your trading patterns, to undertake an initial vessel survey, and capture appropriate 3D laser scan data, to aid in the retrofit engineering stage.
Retrofit Engineering Design Study
Our team will undertake the full retrofit engineering design package - including all aspects of pipework, structural and electrical - delivering a comprehensive drawing package for installation and Class Approval.
Class Approval
Our dedicated Class Approval liasion team can work on an owners behalf, liaising directly with the relevant Class Society through to final Approval.
Installation Supervision
Our experienced retrofit engineering team can also attend during the physical installation of the EGCS - to provide priceless support to ensure the installation goes smoothly, and in accordance with the design package.
Operational Training
Cleanship fully understands that compliance can only be achieved when all crew are fully trained, which is why we offer bespoke online training solutions for crew and shore based staff.
Optional - Turnkey Project
Cleanship can undertake all aspects of EGCS compliance on a turnkey project basis - providing peace of mind to our clients.
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