IHM Survey on Semi Submersible Drilling Rig


Project Overview

Cleanship was contacted by an Oil & Gas Drilling Contractor to undertake an IHM survey on a Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig in temporary layup. The Drilling Rig was built in 1981 and is under ABS classification.

21 day full project turnaround

Compliant with EU SRR

Key Challenges

The main challenge the team encountered during the project were restrictions put in place by local Government and ports to slow the spread of COVID 19. The safety of our team and onboard crew is always top priority. Therefore, the IHM inspection team made sure to work within the guidelines set out by the UK Government and WHO to carry out a thorough IHM inspection whilst ensuring social distancing measures were always adhered to.

The Cleanship IHM team attended the vessel during normal operation at a port call in Dublin, Ireland. The team were able to complete the thorough and extensive survey in 3 days, capturing all information required for the IHM’s Part I, II & III 

Project Outcome

Members of the Cleanship IHM team met the vessel in a timely manner, working with port authorities to ensure safe boarding of the vessel in line with Government guidance. The vessel was efficiently inspected over 3 days. The inspection was carried out to meet EU SRR standards, with a total of 148 samples collected. Lab testing was carried out within a timely manner and final reporting was received within 3 weeks of onboard inspection.
With Cleanship’s IHM Report, the owner will be in compliance with the EU SRR and be flexible to respond to market conditions.

Despite a challenging climate with Covid 19, we were able to conduct a thorough inspection whilst taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of ourselves and the onboard crew.

Stuart McKenna, IHM Technical Manger

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