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Spring 2020 Operational Notice

As a result of measures in place across the globe to tackle the spread of Covid 19, the industry is experiencing a number of operational restrictions. The Cleanship IHM team are working within the guidelines set out by the WHO and local governments. We are also liaising with port authorities and owners to navigate a safe and timely completion of IHM surveys in instances where we are able to board. 

Upon restrictions being lifted, it is likely that IHM capacity will be limited. The Cleanship team are class certified and are able to assist with IHM Part I completion throughout the remainder of 2020. We are currently scheduling for this period to ensure that we can assist vessels  in their timely compliance with EU SRR. 

Our fully class accredited team of marine inspectors can assist you with the timely creation of IHM Part I in compliance with EU SRR.

Full Service IHM Partner

Our experienced team of IHM surveyors have carried out over 50 IHM inspections to date on a range of vessel types  

Cleanship offer a full end-to-end IHM solution, with a yearly audit option to take the upkeep off your hands. We ensure expedient mobilisation and can facilitate the entire class approval process on your behalf.

In addition to initial creation of IHM Part I, we also offer an IHM management service enabling vessel owners to focus on the day to day operations of the vessel and leave the management and upkeep of the IHM to us.

Our digital IHM portal ensures up-to-date centralised record keeping at all times. Our clients also receive their own tangible Cleanship IHM binder, for storage onboard the vessel which is updated at every audit by our IHM team.

Our IHM process has been designed for maximum efficiency, using our team and range of worldwide partners to meet your vessel at a time which best suited to current trading patterns.

Class Approved Supplier

The Cleanship IHM team holds class approval from both Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s Register. Upon completion of the initial IHM Survey, we are able to liase with your class society on your behalf to manage the approval process.

Cleanship IHM Part I Process

7 Days before boarding
Preparation of Visual/ Sampling Checklist Plan
Our team prepare the sample checklist plan in advance of boarding the vessel to pinpoint exact areas for sampling, making for a thorough and efficient IHM survey.
7 Days before boarding
2 Days
Onboard Inspection & Sampling
A Cleanship IHM surveyor will meet your vessel at a location and time which best fits with your trading patterns. Quick mobilisation is ensured by our dedicated survey logistics team.
2 Days
2 weeks
Laboratory Analysis
Our partner lab will then analyse all samples collected from the vessel for traces of hazardous materials as outlined in HKC or EU SRR 2013.
2 weeks
21-28 Days Post Survey
Finalisation of Part I of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials
Lab findings are received and final IHM Part I report is compiled.
21-28 Days Post Survey
Class Approval Obtained
Cleanship can liaise with class societies on your behalf to streamline approval process.
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